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Message from Ethiopian Airlines Group Chief Executive Officer

Welcome to Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services

It is a privilege for us to offer our esteemed customers an efficient global cargo service. As always, we are committed to transport your cargo safely.

Ethiopian is the largest cargo network operator in Africa and one of the major global cargo carriers with a modern warehouse of 1 million tons storage capacity. In the 2020/2021 fiscal year Ethiopian recorded an annual cargo uplift of 750,000 tons.

We are providing freight services to our global customers in more than 125 international destinations in Africa, Middle East, Asia, Europe and the Americas with belly hold capacity and 66 dedicated cargo destinations. We have been one of the vanguards of the global cargo business serving customers with our 12 dedicated freighters including 9 Boeing B777-200LRF and 3 Boeing B737-800F. Besides, Ethiopian had reconfigured 25 of its passenger aircrafts to boost cargo capacity and provided essential services at a time when they were desperately needed. 19 of these converted aircraft are still operational as Preighter fleet.

Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services operates with a state-of-the-art cargo terminal, which is the largest in Africa. Our cargo service is fully automated with one of the latest Cargo IT systems by adopting the latest aviation systems and technologies to provide efficient freight service across the globe. We are using the latest technologies for data, information and market intelligence with 100% e-AWB from its main hub in Addis Ababa.

With its visions in its strategic road map, vision 2025, met in most parameters ahead of time, Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services is now on an even greater road to achieve its new vision, vision 2035.

Thank you for choosing Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services!

Mesfin Tassew

Group Chief Executive Officer

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