Ethiopian Cargo Express Services  

Ethiopian Cargo Express Services provides quick and easy solution to your time sensitive goods. 

We provide fastest way of transporting all important and/or time-sensitive cargo for which express rate is applied from Airport to Airport with highest speed & priority, highest quality, guaranteed capacity and extended consignment acceptance times.  

It is applicable for general cargo of any size without weight limitation.  

Why customers choose us 
  • Highest speed & Priority: is the best speed through minimal handling and transportation times. Express freight loaded near the cargo door- last in, first out.  

  • Highest Quality: is the personal attention, continuous monitoring and proactive communication which will be given to make sure that everything goes per the standard.  

  • Guaranteed capacity: is an immediate space confirmation with booking request up to 4 hours before latest acceptance time considering the station time difference. 

  • Extended consignment acceptance time: is the latest handling time before the scheduled time of departure. The customer must have the cargo and all accompanying documents ready for hand-over to the export section 2 hours before the scheduled time of departure.  


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